Spring, by Skye Gyngell

Skye Gyngell first came to public prominence as the Head Chef of Petersham Nurseries Cafe, a restaurant set up in the grounds of Petersham House. Winning a Michelin star in 2011, the highly seasonal menu and location was meant to be the antithesis of restaurants found in London proper. Ironically … Continue reading

Le Bernardin, New York

It's been a busy week in New York, but the one place I really wanted to eat was Le Bernardin in Midtown.  Holding three Michelin Stars, the Executive Chef and co-owner is Eric Ripert, best buddy of Anthony Bourdain, and host of a variety of TV shows.  My favourite quote of Bourdain's referencing … Continue reading

Lernert and Sander Food Art

There's something rather beautiful and hypnotic about these cubes - I love that though they appear perfect, when you examine them close up, you can see the inherent characteristics of each food. It's incredibly difficult to cut a cube of lettuce into a perfect 3 dimensional shape, and the vacuous … Continue reading

Antioxidant Rich Smoothies

Smoothies can be a quick way of consuming wasted calories, or with a little planning and foresight, can add valuable minerals and vitamin to your diet - forget throwing in a banana and some milk, and concentrate on building a smoothie recipe which offers you more...  Once you familiarise yourself … Continue reading