Marco Pierre White: White Heat

I recently wrote a review of White Heat, which has made me so nostalgic for that particular moment in food history – although the dishes were absolutely classical {Marco having been trained by Albert Roux, Pierre Koffmann, Raymond Blanc and Nico Ladenis}, the birth of White Heat was to become the birth of the celebrity chef as we know it. It’s impossible to explain its impact at the time – like experiencing Woodstock – you almost had to be there.

I expect some younger chefs will watch these videos and snort – but this is a chef who doesn’t need to rely on a sous vide machine, blow torch, or ‘snow’… Even the plates Marco, and others, used during this era have become revered – Daniel Clifford at Midsummer House recently tweeted a pic of plates he’d kept for 18 years! And the advice given by Albert Roux and Nico Ladenis is particularly prophetic…

So. Ignore the fashion, ignore the decor, enjoy the cooking, the atmosphere, and those beautiful plates!  In these video clips, Marco cooks for Albert Roux, Pierre Koffmann, and Nico Ladenis: